When Should You Call for Air Conditioner Service?

Your air conditioning unit is made to provide cool comfortable air throughout the hot summer months but it can succumb to the heat as parts wear out and other issues occur. It is important to know when it is time to pick up the phone to call for AC service before major problems occur. Some of the occasions when you should call for air conditioning service in Fort Myers FL include:

·    The air conditioner is making loud, unusual noises. Although some units may make some noise, it is not an overbearing noise nor is it loud.

·    Are certain rooms of the home being cooled while others are not? There are many issues that can cause this to occur. All of them need the professional touch to remedy.

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·    How old is your AC unit? There is a maximum lifetime with your unit. This lifetime differs from one product to another and factors like brand, size, and style affect this time. You can expect 10 – 20 years with the unit, after which time you’ll likely need to replace.

·    If you notice water puddling around the outside condenser unit or if the unit itself is leaking, this is a sign to call the repairman as quickly as you possibly can.

·    Is the AC not putting out enough cool air? If the air is coming out lukewarm, than you need a repairman on the job as soon as possible.

·    Your energy bill costs are increasing each month but there are no changes in the usage in your home.

When you call for AC repair at the first sign of trouble, you’ll eliminate costs and headaches. The signs above are some of the many that indicate the time to call for service has come. Don’t delay the call if your air conditioner is performing the way that it should.