The socio-economic and humanitarian aspects of supplements in Canada

Health and time are two assets whose importance is realized, only when it is on a decline. Depletion of such resources is actually inevitable, but delaying that is the best thing one can do. National Nutrition plays an important role in indemnifying these aspects, by supplying quality products with variations of choices, to the customers.

Surveying the data and methods for supplements in Canada:

The use of supplements at the national level was initiated after estimating different age and sex groups accordingly. Socio-economic and chronic conditions are also underlying factors for supplements Canada.

What were the results?

The intake of supplements in Canada was comparatively higher among females, in the age group of 14 or above. The positive aspects related directly with the usage of supplements in Canada were found to be as follows:


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  • Age factor mattered a lot.
  • Being female was held as a major requisite.
  • High household income and education were directly proportional to the amount of intake of supplements.
  • Last but not the least, being food-secure was held as a major essential regarding the socio-economic aspect.

Some fun facts and figures:

  • 60 % of women between the age group of 50 and 60 were known to be regular users of supplements.
  • Latest studies have also found that Nutrition provides Vitamin K in the forms of MK-4 and MK-7 vitamins in Canada.
  • The socio-economic surveys are specifically evident for adults, mainly females.
  • Supplements Canada has resulted in an increased percentage in levels of population, specifically in older adults.

It has been observed, specifically in Canada by the CBC, that appropriate use of supplements can result in the increase in daily intake of minerals and vitamins, and hence goes beyond the purview of limited food intakes. These are bound to confer health benefits and prevention of chronic diseases as well. Thanks folks.