Screen Room Ideas

Perhaps adding on another room to the home is out of the question but that doesn’t mean you must forsake the pleasures that a new room brings to your home. Many people use Jacksonville screen enclosures to create a screened room that function for many purposes. What uses can the screened room provide to you?


Perhaps you love to grow plants, flowers, and/or veggies in your garden at home. Pests and other problems cause a major nuisance for many gardeners. Use a screen room to create a phenomenal greenhouse that allows you to expand your horizons and develop that green thumb that you want!

Entertainment Room

Spending time outdoors enjoying the fresh air with friends and family is always fun. When you do it without the worry of mosquitos, the hot sun or pests, it is even more exciting. Use your enclosed room as a gathering place for those special moments.

Reading Room

Nothing in this world is more relaxing than sitting down with a good book and submitting yourself into the story line. When your screened room is used as a reading room, you have the perfect place to sit back and relax with a good book whenever the mood strikes. It is a phenomenal place to be.

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Screen Enclosure Costs

The ideas here are a handful of the many ways to benefit your household with the use of a screened room. How much money is it going to cost to enjoy the luxuries that this addition brings? Costs of the enclosure vary. Many factors determine the costs, including the enclosure size, the features, time of the year the install is made, and more. Request free estimates from three to four companies and compare rates to get your enclosure installed at the best prices around.