How to Get an EPC for Your Property?

We all know that EPC Certificates have been made mandatory by the law in the UK. Therefore, if you wish to sell off or rent out your home in the UK, the one thing that you will need is an EPC certificate. The certificate is the first thing that a potential buyer would want to have a look at before, he decides on buying or renting the property. In a situation where the buyers heavily rely on the results of EPC, it is important that you apply for one soon if, you are in a hurry to sell off your property.

How to get an Energy Performance Certificate?

With the increasing importance of EPC in the UK, it is advisable that you apply for it even if, you are not putting up your property for sale or rent. That will at least give you an idea on the energy consumption of your own property and recommendations on how to reduce the expense of running the same. And, most importantly you will also get to know the rank of your property on the energy efficiency scale.


If you want to apply for an Energy Performance Certificate for your property follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the EPC Register website in order to find a registered domestic energy assessor near your area.
  • The cost of EPC may vary from 30-100 pounds depending on the size of your building. It may also vary depending on your location in the country.
  • Once, your property has been certified it will be placed on the EPC register from where you can retrieve it whenever you want.
  • Keep in mind that EPC is valid for only 10 years.

Why the delay, when you already know how to get an EPC? Apply for EPC and know your energy efficiency status.