Clan in Clash Royale- Know more important facts about it

Clash Royale in recent times has emerged as a favourite game. If you have never played the game even once then you must play that at least once. It is an engaging game in which you can be a part of the clan. So what is clan? Let us know about it in this article.

A clash is a group of members-

Basically when the group of players are inducted into a team where they share tricks (Clash Royale Hacks), tips and others then they are said to be a part of a clan. Because they come together to share that helps them in play, this does not mean they need not be ordered. They have to follow an order, manage themselves so that the chaotic situations are avoided.

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Every member has different role-

If you and your friend are a part of a clan then it is not necessary that you both have the same roles as well. There are basically four roles as below-

  1. Members-

It is the default role assigned as you become part of the clan. However, the member does not have the rights to eliminate, accept, and invite members.

  1. Elders-

It is referred to as the first level of promotion where the clan member can accept, invite and eliminate members, but they cannot change the settings of the clan.

  1. Co-leaders-

This is the second promotion a player gets within the clan; the rights are the same as elders with the difference that the co-leader can modify clan settings.

  1. Leaders-

They are clan creators those who can demote/promote the members. They are the one who can modify their role too.

So, if you start playing the game of Clash Royale then you can create a clan, become a part of a clan and play the game together to win. For better assistance Hack Clash Royale and enjoy.