Breathe In, Breathe Out

Indoor plants don’t just look pretty they have many positive effects on our environment. We know this intuitively and instinctively. We feel better when there are plants around. Science backs this up and proves that plants are good for us.

Air quality

You know immediately when you step outside if the air is good that day. But inside it is a little harder. Indoor plants covina ca enhance the air quality by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the room and exhaling oxygen into the air. In addition, benzene and nitrogen dioxide levels are notably reduced in a room with plants.

As we move into the winter, having plants increases the humidity levels which helps our skin stay moisturized and helps reduce itchy skin which can only be a good thing.

Less tangible benefits

These tangible benefits make having plants in the room worthwhile, but there are other benefits which while not as obvious are just as helpful.

A study at the Royal College of Agriculture in the U.K. did a study which indicated that student’s focus and attention levels in classes where there were plants was higher than plant-free classrooms. Getting the children to do their homework in a room with plants might get it done more efficiently.

Plants also reduce background noise. We have known this for ages, that’s why they plant trees between the highway and housing. But the effect is just as valid indoors. Plants will keep the atmosphere in a library quieter, and it just might make your sitting room a little quieter too.

Pleasing to the eye

Indoor plants covina ca

If all of this wasn’t enough, having plants around lifts your spirit and makes you feel happier too. A display of greenery improves your mental and physical health at the same time.