3D Pens: Which Professions Require Them?

On a first glance, you might think that not many professions will require a 3D pen, right? Well, you’re wrong. In fact, a 3D pen is something that can “fit in” even if it’s not primarily required. This is something here that makes working with art, designs, prototypes, doodling, and ideation better. In simpler terms, a 3D pen has what it takes to be a gamechanger in any profession and boost the productivity.


Check any website like www.fiftymotion.com/best-3d-printing-pens-reviews/ and you will see how many different purposes these 3D pens can tackle. You don’t need to switch between anything, you don’t need to change anything – your creativity is your limit!

Still, that being said, there are a few professions that require 3D pens more seriously than the rest. And you should know them.

Well, first of all, artists, designers, engineers, and architects can use a fair bit of 3D doodling for prototypes and other reasons. Second, people in the fashion industry (from clothes to jewelry) actively use 3D pens to get accessories made or enhanced. People who run small toy businesses can make toys or toy components. DIY-lovers love to make different crafts, instruments, and utilities of all kinds like scissors, RC helicopters, or custom art for their homes!

Now, you are totally thinking of buying yourself a 3D pen, aren’t you? Well, we will recommend caution, as there are many products out there which can be easily called a fake product. These are either very low-quality (and thus their output is far less than what you would call satisfactory) or cheap replicas of well-selling 3D pens.

But if you have no idea about 3D pens, you can check one of the world’s top 3D pen review sites: FiftyMotion. There, you will find all you need to know in order to make an informed choice about which 3D pen to go for.